North Riverside

Posted on September 4, 2018
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North Riverside
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    Spintowin777 Submission Feb 29, 2020

    How is it

    Been in Lacy’s many times how is it that the attendant can sit by the machine with a friend or relative put money in the machine to hold the machine for them while they play another and when they see people put lots of money in it and then walk away go and put money in it to hold it for their friend or relative to play to me and I’m sure to others there playing that’s not professional and should not be policy During this inappropriate behavior the attendant could be wiping down the chairs and machines and picking up the cans and bottles left in cup holders by the machines. You should really look into this check your cameras

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    Yohannes Konso Submission Dec 19, 2018

    Car Giveaway locations

    Enjoyment places

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